Retirement Lifestyle


What does retirement mean to you? Having a solid financial plan is essential, but retirement is about a lot more than just the money. It’s important to have “something” to retire “to”, not just retire “from”.

"My goal is helping you navigate a long productive life, beyond just the money." So, it’s imperative you think about the life you want to live.

Let’s talk about what makes you happy and gives you purpose. Retirement is an opportunity to choose a new lifestyle—filled with meaning, purpose, and your passions.

Think of retirement - not as the end of the road - but the beginning of an open highway, full of possibilities.

To make the most of your journey, I suggest:

  1. Going to workshops or online to explore what you want to do next.
  2. Think about who you want to spend time with. Also, what if you want to go get some ice cream and you can no longer drive, who will take you? Or if you need a lightbulb changed – who’s going to climb that ladder, so you don’t have to?
  3. Ask me to share some of the vast resources I have gathered that discuss the nonfinancial aspects of retiring successfully.
  4. And maybe partner with a retirement or life coach to guide you through this new phase of life.
  5. It often takes some time to adjust, so you will most likely need to be patient. And don’t wait to get started.

I recommend thinking about who you want to be in retirement, long BEFORE you actually retire.

A lot of people’s identities are so tied up in their career. It takes time to start thinking beyond

your job title, and the sooner the better…..

Reach out to me as a resource to help guide you on your way.

At Apex Securities and Asset Management, … we care about you and your financial future.