Apex Securities offers Exceptional Financial Services

Independent advisors, David Roche & Eric Soiland CFP®, CIMA®, are passionately committed to helping individuals & their families plan for the future through a culture of trustworthy advice and exceptional service. Accordingly, your needs, and those of your family, are met by working directly with David and Eric, the Principals of our team. We are here to serve you with scheduled calls, news, emails and in-person meetings.

We are:

  • An independent, client-centric wealth management practice conveniently located in Brentwood, CA.
  • Focused on individual & family investors who demand excellence in their investment activities.
  • Experienced advisors who specialize in helping to grow, preserve and distribute investment assets prudently.
  • Dedicated to our approach of helping clients define their long-term investment objectives and build personalized investment portfolios designed to achieve them.
  • Fiercely proud of our role as independent advisors and look forward to introducing you to the benefits of strategic investment planning and comprehensive wealth management.
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Remember, your life path is a series of transitions

let APEX be your guide. We can help get you to your destination. Give us a call today at
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I. Faith in the future.

II. Patience in the process.

III. Discipline to stick with an investment program.