Our widowed clients are intelligent, capable and caring women who have lost their husbands and have had to assume all the financial decision-making responsibilities for their household. Many are retired; some are still working. Others have never worked outside the home. While many lack financial or investment experience, others simply have neither the time nor interest in dealing with money matters.

These women want to make good decisions, so they won't be a burden to their children or grandchildren. Many need help putting their financial lives in order so they can live their best lives now and be ready for whatever the future might bring.

Typically, they come to us looking for someone to guide them and a plan they can understand. They want to make sure they're on the right track and haven't missed something important.

We listen to their concerns and answer their questions. We help them get organized and put a plan in place that give them confidence that they won't run out of money. Our clients appreciate that they can enjoy their families and stay involved in the organizations and activities that mean the most to them because they know we're here for them whenever they have a question, seek some advice, or need a word of encouragement.