Losing your spouse brings on a mix of emotions – not only are you missing your partner, but you’re now faced with navigating life alone – something many people aren’t prepared for.

This could be the first time you’re figuring out how to pay the electric bill or logging into your retirement account.

In fact, I watched my own mother experience the shock of a sudden loss when I was about 10 years old. I saw firsthand how devastated she was and she had NO ONE to guide her or offer any assistance.

So it’s kind of an added bonus with each widow I help, it feels like I’m saying, “Hey mom, I couldn't help you. But look, I helped someone else.” It’s my way of paying homage to her.

So, if you’ve experienced a similar loss, please give Apex a call. It’s ok to ask for help – and it’s guidance and assistance we’re more than happy to offer you.