Our Clients: Individual and Families


Most of our clients are individuals and families who work hard to save money for their retirement and other future needs. Some are business owners while others are employees, with many having the same goals and aspirations.

As homeowners accumulating assets in their retirement accounts, they know they also need a plan for putting away enough for upcoming major expenditures, such as a new home, college education, vacations, or retirement.

We help them visualize, clarify, and then prioritize their goals based on their values. Then we create an investment strategy based on their current income sources and assets while taking into consideration how much risk they need to take to meet their goals.

We review other areas of their financial lives as well, such as their liabilities, taxes, insurance coverages, potential costs for college education, as well as their healthcare, long-term care, estate planning, and philanthropic goals.

We work together to make sure they have enough to continue to live their current lifestyle while enabling them to make work optional at some point in the not-too-distant future.